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Since 2005 Estonian Waste Recyling has offered a bagged garden waste collection service throughout Harjumaa for private and business users. A regular weekly service is provided in all areas of Tallinn & Harjumaa, from May until December, weather permitting of course. From January to April collections will be scheduled when orders totalling 50 bags or more than 5m3 of loose brush are received. Customers requiring any collection services other than those listed should contact us with their individual requirements and we will be only too pleased to accommodate. Christmas tree collection service runs from January onwards.

Soft material such as leaves, grass clippings and plant trimmings should be packed in bags of 150 litres (weighing up to 20kg) or 300 litres (weighing up to 30kg). Hard material such as branches and hard prunings can be collected loose, provided direct access for our truck is possible. 300L biodegradable bags are also available from us and collection rates are more than 25% less when these are used.

Customers are asked to order via email and receive their bill the same way as this attracts a combined discount of over 3%. Before ordering please read carefully our price list and terms and conditions.
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Estonian Waste Recycling transports biodegradable organic waste to facitilities which have the necessary licences for recycling. 


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