Liquid and Granular Fertilisers

Bioboost liquid organic fertilisers have a range of N.P.K values to suit all horticultural requirments. Produced from organic sources they provide a high quality slow release source of macro and micro nutrients to maximse healthy plants growth and stimulate essential soil biology in growing media. With a very low salt index they reverse the problems caused by the long-term use of inorganic feeds and high conductivity irrigation water sources, as well as having the versatility to be used as soil or foliar feeds. 

Our organic granular fertilisers put life back into your soil. They contain high levels of humus and all the macro and micronutrients plants need for healthy growth, while being completely free of weed seeds and pathogens. Some also contain mycorrihizal fungi.

Product List

Ultimate Veg Organic Liquid Fertiliser Ideal all year round plant feed, contains essential nutrients to optimise growth. Perfect feed for all plants.

Flower & Fruit Feed   Organic fertiliser for all flower & fruit forming plants. For increased yields indoors or out. 

Ultimate Bloom Organic Liquid Fertiliser All year round liquid fertiliser and biostimulant for tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and all other fruit forming crops and flowers. 

Caviar-Organically sourced slow release fertiliser - in easy to spread 2mm granules   

Root Better Starter Fertiliser 5.3.8-Designed for newly sown lawns and as a summer lawn feed. Also ideal for new trees, shrubs and a starter fertiliser for all vegetables and flowers. Also contains mycorrihizal fungi.

Root Better Spring and Autumn Lawn Fertiliser- Designed to encourage early season grass growth. Also contains mycorrhizal fungi and thatch reducing microbes.

Root Better Summer Lawn Fertiliser- Granular 50% organic fertiliser with Mycorrhizal fungi and thatch degrading microbes, ideal summer fertiliser or for new lawns at any time.

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