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Pildid / - IMG_0754The following compost products are produced at our composting site in Jõelähtme and are available in bags for delivery throughout Estonia. Compost Home Delivery Price List. Wholesalers and Retailers interested in stocking our products should contact us for more information and prices.

E-compost is 100% natural made from a blend of recycled agricultural waste and horticultural waste. Its balanced pH, slow release nutrients, moisture rentention and drainage properties make it a truly universal product. Use it for all trees, shrubs and plants including fruit and vegetables. Regularly added to soil, it will improve structure, moisture, drainage and above all encourage worm and microbial activity that optimise the health of your soil and the productivity of everything grown in it.

Verme-compost as the name suggests is our e-compost further processed by our resident population of red worms. 100% natural fertiliser that is made up of worm castings and partially decomposed organic matter. Worm castings are the richest natural fertiliser known to mankind. Use as an ingredient of potting soil (for extra available plant nutrients), a planting and replanting media, a mulch or topdressing for indoor or outdoor use, ensuring that minerals are aborbed directly into the soil when it is watered. 

Verme-rich compost is our Verme-compost with the worms left in. Produced for those who wish to start vermicomposting or worm farming, increase the worm population in their soil or feed their poultry, game, fish or any other worm loving animals. This product is an ideal vermicomposting starter mix, just place it in a suitable container to start your own worm farm. We will soon be offering complete vermicomposting systems for sale, anyone interested please let us know and we'll let you know as soon as they are available. Anyone collecting from us is welcome to a free tour & introduction to vermicomposting. Available with Estonian & English guides.

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Estonian Waste Recycling recycles biodegradable organic waste using composting & vermicomposting techniques to create products which have value. 


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