Brush & Tree Chipping


New Service Schedule Starting June 2015

From June collections of bagged garden waste, loose brush & brush chipping will be carried out during the 2nd week of each month. 

All orders received by 8am on the second Monday of each month will be collected in the following 4 days.

Orders and requests for quotes will be accepted as usual. 

All other services & product deliveries are unaffected.

Next collection dates-June 9-12, July 14-17, August 11-14, September 15-18


For larger volumes of brush & branches use our on-site chipping service. Chip can be used as you wish on-site or transported away free of charge. Typically handles more than 30m3 of loose brush per hour. Maximum diameter 150mm.

Price is from €35 per hour (on-site) plus €0.70/km transport. All rates assume vehicle access to within easy reach of the site for chipper & towing vehicle. Charges are based on time therefore material should NOT be cut into short lengths as this takes longer to process.

Price: 45,00 Add to order list

Brush & Tree chipping service

Price per hour, on site.

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Estonian Waste Recycling recycles biodegradable organic waste using composting & vermicomposting techniques to create products which have value. 


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