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Images / - - DSCN4321We are now able to offer professional arborist services run by arborists with 15 years of international experience, fully insured and able to tailor a service to suit your needs.

We recently required expert help pruning, felling & stump grinding in a small area of woodland close to our composting site, we were so pleased with the work quality & overall service we figured that our customers would appreciate them too.  





Prices depend on many factors, height & size of tree/s, location, and level of after felling clearance. On-site quotations are available FREE of charge, contact Diana on +37256906772 or email

Service packages include:

Lite-we prune/fell trees, all tidying up and logging to be done by the customer.
Medium-we prune/fell trees, we remove tree branches from site and log timber.
Heavy-we prune/fell, remove all debris and wood from site.
Full Monty-we prune/fell, remove all debris and wood from site, grind & remove stump.

All services are offered with the added guarantee that client satisfaction, welfare of trees & above all safety for life, limb & property are of the upmost priority.

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Estonian Waste Recycling recycles biodegradable organic waste using composting & vermicomposting techniques to create products which have value. 


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