Composts, Fertilisers & Mycorrhizae

Images / - ViewoverfieldIn addition to our bagged and bulk compost products Estonian Waste Recycling now supplies a range of easy to apply mycorrhizae, soil bacteria and fungi, organic liquid and granular fertilisers. These products inoculate your growing medium and plants with natural support systems for faster growth, reduced fertiliser and pesticide inputs and healthier plants with a far greater transplant survival rate.

All mycorrhizae products can be used together with our compost products or any other natural growing media, soil or hydroponic systems, indoors or out, large or small.

Delivery is available throughout Estonia via Eesti Post, Smartpost, Courier or our own transport. 


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Estonian Waste Recycling recycles biodegradable organic waste using composting & vermicomposting techniques to create products which have value. 


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